Solutions for Stores

In a changing world where transactions habits will evolve day to day, it is essential to have new channels and supports to adapt to these changes.

Prisma Medios de Pago provides stores of different levels with a wide range of multi-brand and multi-platform solutions focused on making it easier to manage your payments on a daily basis.


Comprehensive service for credit, debit, commercial, and prepaid cards. With strong experience developing products in this sector, Prisma Medios de Pago has the technology and the know-how to help you expand your sales strategies, within a context where your customers increasingly demand new payment channels.

Our solution covers the entire circuit management for card products, from their issuance to the end of each transaction, including authentication, security technology, and reports for each stage of the process, ensuring efficiency, low cost, and quality of the service.

Electronic payment

Following the virtualization trends in payment transactions, where everyday millions of physical transactions become digital, and with several successful projects in this sector, we can be the strategic partner you need to respond to most demands in electronic payment platforms. Our solutions are scalable and adaptable to any type of store, regardless of the sector or industry to which they belong. We offer the expertise and knowledge acquired throughout our history, so that our customers can evolve their payment methods and live up to the current attitude changes in this field.

In an increasingly functional and interactive context, we seek to innovate, while maintaining simplicity, practicality, and security as attributes in payment platforms.


Aiming to improve the purchase experience in stores and the Internet, we offer a solution which includes the main benefits of payment management for low-limit amounts, oriented to stores which need to channel this type of transactions regularly. The technological support on which it is implemented makes the sales experience simpler and more agile, both in physical channels and the Internet, in order to facilitate the relationship between sellers and buyers.

Within a context where users increasingly demand different payment options, our product offers advantages to both companies and consumers, since it represents the perfect mechanism to browse through these transactions involving lower amounts.

Payments Gateway

Prisma Medios de Pago has a robust and reliable platform, capable of responding to the needs of the credit card issuing companies, and working as a link for successful management in electronic commerce.

Our main services turns the credit card payment authorization through the Internet into an easier, simple, and safe process.